Olive Oil 101

Extra virgin olive oil is never better than when it is first pressed. Unlike wine, it does not need time to mature. That gives an impressive advantage to California producers—we get our olive oil to you immediately after harvest, and much more quickly than producers overseas.

The flavor of extra virgin olive oil can be buttery and soft, or spicy and sharp. It can be reminiscent of pepper, lemon, or grass. What it should never be is overly bitter, (a little is ok), sour, or flat (entirely flavorless).

Remember, high quality extra virgin olive oil provides the best health benefits and flavor when it's fresh. Open that bottle within 18 months of its bottling date, and use it up within one month of opening. Be sure to store it in a cool, dark place, and follow these easy cooking guidelines for best results.

When it comes to freshness, there is no better choice than California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sample one of these fresh oils at a store or olive oil tasting bar near you, visit a producer, or purchase online to see for yourself just how good California extra virgin olive oil can be.