Consulting Services


Carol Firenze-Anglin
Keynote Speaker, Educator and Marketing Consultant
The Passionate Olive
Carol is a noted author and educator on olive oil history, uses, tasting and food pairings. She lectures worldwide, hosts Olive Harvest Adventure tours in Umbria, Tuscany and California, and wrote an iPhone/iPad app called GoEVOO that helps consumers find true EVOO in the U.S
Los Gatos, CA

Kathryn Tomajan
Miller and marketing consultant, founder of Eat Retreat
COOC Taste Panel Apprentice 
Berkeley, CA
phone: (707) 336-2713

Maria Milagros Castro - Milagros Olive Advisor
Agronomist & Consultant
COOC Taste Panel member
Over 15 years experience in agricultural consulting including orchard establishment, maintenance and management.
Napa Valley, CA
Phone: (707) 334-5194

Nancy Ash
Marketing Consultant and Educator
Strictly Olive Oil
Strictly Olive Oil offers consulting services on marketing opportunities to olive oil producers as well as tasting and blending services. Nancy is a trained taster, a member of both the COOC and UC Davis Olive Center Taste Panels, and received certification as a Taste Panel Supervisor from O.N.A.O.O. in 2005.

Roberta Klugman & Associates
Public relations and marketing consulting
(510) 655-7790

Sue Langstaff
Sensory science
Applied Sensory, LLC
phone: (707) 344-0254

The Olive Oil Source
Consultants have a combination of graduate education in agricultural sciences and field experience.
phone: 805-688-1014

Two Extra Virgins
Mary Platis and Laura Bashar, authors of Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil 
phone: 760-525-2274