AGH Olive Harvesters
AGH is a manufacturer of grape harvesters (Stratum, Spectrum and Quantum) and related equipment (the Demoger) in the Western Hemisphere. AGH is dedicated to providing today's grape growers and custom grape harvesters with top quality and productive equipment they need to compete in our demanding industry.
contact: Tom M. Thompson
5778 West Barstow Ave., Fresno CA 93722
phone: 800-786-4232

Alfa Laval

Global provider of specialized equipment, system and services including olive oil processing equipment.
4013 Vista Park Court, Sacramento, CA 95834
contact: Cosimo Pecchioli
phone: 804-236-1373

Amenduni Olive Oil Machinery
Amenduni manufactures the whole spectrum of olive oil extraction machines, starting from the fruit reception up to the obtained oil clarification. Hundred years experience and high quality are the main features to produce innovative, simple and above all high performing machines. Loading hoppers, conveyor belts, decanters, vertical separation, washing units
Via delle Mimose, 3 - Z.I.
70026 Modugno (BA)
tel: +39 080 5324910

American Stainless Equipment

Sanitary processing equipment and filtration

Abilities include:

Pump & valve sizing and recommendation, Heat Exchanger sizing, sanitary hose assembly, pump carts 
spare parts support for Waukesha, Tri-Clover/Alfa Laval, APV, Fristam and many other capabilities.

4323 Anthony Ct. #13, Rocklin, CA 95677
phone: (916) 652-1722
contact: Stanley Brown 

Barnum Mechanical Inc.

Barnum Mechanical Inc. is a full service engineering, design and build company with valuable olive oil process experience ready to help you with the following: Size, select, and procure all bulk handling, sanitary process, and utility support equipment for milling, storage, and filling operations.

Includes bulk unloading, washing, milling, pomace/black water handling, water treatment, boilers, tanks and accessories, CIP, nitrogen, valves, piping, instruments, controls, filling, and packaging. Design and custom fabrication of skidded equipment items and process/ utility piping installation.
PO Box 377, 9244 Old State Hwy, Newcastle, CA 95658
phone: (916) 652-7223
contact: Tom Barnum or Lloyd Harris

Brewt Power Systems
Oliomio olive milling and bottling equiptment. Campagnola pneumatic and electro-mechanical harvesting and pruning equiptment. Italian harvest netting. 
phone: 800-255-9180, 209-726-7270

Criveller Group
Bottling, filtration and stainless steel storage equipment
185 Grant Ave., Healdsburg, CA 95448
contact: Brenda Hartley
phone: (707) 431-2211 

Centrisys Centrifuge Systems
US Base olive oil mills including olive washing, hammer mills, malaxers, 2 and 3 phase decanter centrifuges, oil polishing centrifuges, screw and belt conveyors, as well as pump and electrical systems, Centrisys also services Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Pieralisi, Rapinelli and many others from their 20,000 square foot facility in Stockton, California.
825 Performance Drive, Stockton CA 95206
contact: Chris Gatewood

phone: 209-983-0800
phone: 209-304-2200 

Figueroa Farms
Harvest bins and oil containers
Santa Barbara county
phone: 805-686-4890

Flottweg Separation Technology

Decanters, Tricantors and disc stack separators for recovery of olive oil as well as other modern technogical products.
10700 Toebben Drive, Independence, KY 41051
phone: (859) 448 2300
phone: (859) 448 2333
local contact: Jon Kingston 
(530) 622-5929

GEA Group

Olive Oil Mills, Washing Machines, Hammer Mills, Malaxers, Decanters (2-Phase & 3-Phase), Oil Polishers (Separators), Conveyer Belts, Pomace Pumps and Electrical Control Systems
California office contact: Vlad Yanovsky
555 Baldwin Rd., Patterson, CA 95363 
phone: (201) 600-1180
Main Office: Rawn Walley, 100 Fairway Court, Northvale NJ 07647
phone: (317) 861-1064

Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.

Processing aids and filters
81 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721
contact: Tim Ossun
phone: (559) 256-5418 

HAUS Centrifuge Technology

HAUS Centrifuge Technologies is providing continuous system olive oil extraction plants, decanters(2&3 phases), disk stack separators and auxiliary equipment for olive oil applications.
contact: Venkatesh Narayan
604.484.4516 - Direct
604.354 8873 - Mobile
604.464.4122 – Fax

il Fustino
Fustis manufactured in Italy of 18/10 stainless steel
contact: Jim Kirkley
phone: 888 798 4740
phone: 805 845 3521

J & B Ag Enterprises
Orchard Management and Trellising: J & B Ag provides materials for all aspects of trellising, labor and installation. System provides harvest operations efficiency. Orchard management services.
PO Box 3683 Oakhurst, CA 93644 (Madera County)

contact: James and Beverly Wells
phone: 559-683-0826

The Olive Oil Source
Product line including containers and accessories, tasting bar kits, and hobby and commercial milling equipment. The exclusive representative for Pieralisi.
phone: 805-688-1014



Pieralisi’s constant commitment to research and development of advanced technologies has meant that the group is now the indisputable leader in providing avant-garde separation solutions through centrifugal force.

This commitment dates back to Pieralisi’s introduction of the first continuous-processing decanter that revolutionised the olive oil extraction process.

Still today the group provides the olive oil extraction industry with modern plants that are automatically able to handle all processing stages and to keep track of all data for complete traceability of the product.

Local agent: Rick White (e-mail: RWhite@collopack.commobile: 707-738-0511)

Denis Animali (e-mail:; mobile: +39 345 6593233)

San Felipe Olive Co.
Bear Paw "CUB" Olive Oil Press

This press is designed specifically for the small home owner producer. It will process 10 lbs. per batch and yield excellent oil, and it can all be done in your garage or kitchen with ordinary kitchen appliances. See it at or call for additional information.
36255 Ivy Ave., Yucaipa, CA 92399
phone: 909-260-2288

Weed Badger
In-Row Tillers and Mowers: Weed Badger manufactures a full line of versatile in-row tillers, mowers, and undercanopy management tools. Weed Badgers are multi-purpose machines with the ability to interchange with a variety of tools to do many jobs, eliminate toxic chemicals and reduce hand labor. Choose the machine size, rotor size and tools that fit your needs, your crops, and your tractor or skid-steer. Perfect for vineyards, orchards, groves, nurseries, farms or any crop where in-row tillage, mowing or cleanup is needed. Visit us at or call for additional information.
5673 95th Avenue SE, Marion, ND 58466-9718
phone: 800-437-3392