2014 Competition Winners

Best of Show

Rancho El Molino (Small Producer)
Ojai Olive Oil - Signature (Medium Producer)
Lucero - Manzanillo (Large Producer)

Miller Recognition

Miller David Olander: Rancho El Molino (Small Producer)
Miller Philip Asquith: Ojai Olive Oil - Signature (Medium Producer)
Miller Larry Treat: Lucero -  (Large Producer)

Gold Medal Winners

11 Olives - Longevity
Bari - Robust
Bava Family Grove
Belle Vue
California Gold - Country Blend
California Gold - Estate Arbequina
CA Olive Ranch - Miller's Blend
CA Olive Ranch - Miller's Choice
Calivirgin - Frantoio
Clif Family Winery - Gary & Kit's
Fandango -Elegante
First Fresh
Grumpy Goats - Picual
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Lucero - Anthony's Blend
Lucero - Ascolano
Lucero - Corning Blend
Lucero - Manzanillo
Lucero - Tehama Blend
Massiglia - Unfiltered
MoonShadow Grove - Ascolano
Ojai Olive Oil - Andalucian
Ojai Olive Oil - Signature
Old Chatham Ranch
Pacific Sun - Proprietor's Select
Pacific Sun - Tehama County Blend
Pepper Oaks Farm - Koroneiki
Rancho El Molino
Rosenthal Olive Ranch - Koroneiki
Ruscello d Inverno
The Olive Press - Koroneiki
The Olive Press - Picual
The Olive Press - Sevillano
Tomorrow's Harvest - Estate Blend

Silver Medal Winners

Alpha Wolf Ranch
Apollo Olive Oil - Barouni
Apollo Olive Oil - Frantoio
Apollo Olive Oil - Mistral
Apollo Olive Oil - Sierra
Berkeley Olive Grove - Classic
Burroughs Family Farms
California Gold - Estate Blend
California Gold - Favalosa
California Olive Ranch - Arbequina
California Olive Ranch - Arbosana
California Olive Ranch - Koroneiki
Calivirgin - Arbequina
Chacewater- Favalosa
Chacewater - Tuscan Blend
Ciarlo Estate
D'Oliva Olive Oil
Enzo Organic - Delicate
Enzo Organic - Medium
Enzo Organic - Bold
Fandango - Fiesta
Frantoio Grove
Gallo Family
Grumpy Goats - Coratina
Longview Ranch - Picual
Lucero - Miller's Blend
Lucero - Sevillano
Massiglia - Arbequina
Massiglia - Filtered
MoonShadow Grove - Manzanillo
MoonShadow Grove - Miscela Blend
MoonShadow Grove - Mission
Ojai Olive Oil - Provençale
Ojai Olive Oil - Tuscan
Olive Pit - Anna's Oil
Oliveto Ranch - Tuscan Blend
Owen's Creek - Sicilian
Pacific Sun - Eva's Blend
Pacific Sun - Organic Blend
Pacific Sun - Riverview Ranch
Pasolivo - California Blend
Petroni Vineyards
Red Rock Olive Oil - Red Label
Rosenthal Olive Ranch - Arbosana
San Paulo Olive Farm
Tallgrass Ranch
Templeton Olive Oil - Arbequina
The Olive Press - Arbequina
Tomorrow's Harvest - Arbequina
Tomorrow's Harvest - Arbosana
Tomorrow's Harvest - Koroneiki