Albert Katz of KATZ Farm

Albert Katz of KATZ Farm

KATZ Organic Chef’s Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil
KATZ Organic Rock Hill Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Suisun Valley, CA


This has been quite a journey for me and my wife, Kim, over the last 4 decades. It all began with a chance meeting as students at UC Berkeley in the mid seventies that led to marriage, a family, and a family business.

A meal at Chez Panisse in 1979 sealed my fate and off I went to follow the road less traveled at the time. We opened our own restaurant just a few years later and after a ten-year run we were ready as a family to look for the next adventure.

A trip to Italy in 1991 then inspired me to understand why we weren’t producing authentic extra virgin olive oil in CA. A move to the Napa Valley in 1993 provided a fortuitous meeting with Lila Jaeger and some other like-minded “pioneers,” and off we all went founding the California Olive Oil Council and planting olive trees.

Now 20+ years later, Kim and I are honored to be part of the growing community of olive oil producers in CA and we look forward to many more years of producing our award-winning olive oils.

Together with our partner, Jim Parr, we are proud to be certified organic farmers in the historic agricultural area known as the Suisun Valley. There we farm two groves totaling more than 25 acres planted in 7 different cultivars that were originally planted in 2000-2001. We continue to be thrilled by the accolades and awards garnered for our oils as we now total over 30 Gold Medals, 4 Best of Class and two Best of Show awards over the last 10+ years.

To keep it in the “theme” of olive farming, it would have to be an al fresco meal in the middle of the olive groves with my two incredible daughters and their husbands, together with the real “jewel” of the family, our 3-year-old granddaughter, Maya. Of course the other “perfect” part of the day would be serving some just-pressed new oil!

Direct from our website at, or a short list includes The Pasta Shop in Berkeley and Oakland, Rainbow Grocery in SF, Fatted Calf in Napa and SF, and All Things Olive in Washington, DC.


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