Competition Winners

2017 COOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Winners

Announced March 11, 2017

Best of Show

Massiglia – Italian (Small Producer)
Grumpy Goats Farm – Picual (Medium Producer)
Chacewater Olive Mill – Sevillano (Large Producer)

Miller Recognition

Miller Gianni Stefanini: Massiglia – Italian (Small Producer)
Miller Emilio de la Cruz: Chacewater Olive Mill – Sevillano (Large Producer)

Gold Medal Winners

11 Olives – Longevity
11 Olives – Organic Harmony
Berardo Estate
Chacewater – Sevillano
Cobram Estate – Sevillano
ENZO – Medium (Ranch 20)
Eyrie Olive Oil
Grumpy Goats – Italian Blend
Grumpy Goats – Picual
Halter Ranch
Jovia Groves – Arbequina
Lindsay – Robust Blend
Massiglia – Italian
MoonShadow Grove – Miscela
Organic Roots – Koroneiki
Pacific Sun – Eva’s Blend
Pacific Sun – Proprietor’s Blend
Pacific Sun – Tehama Blend
Pepper Oaks – Arbosana
Pepper Oaks – Koroneiki
Prince Olive Estancia – Historic Blend
Rio Bravo Ranch – Picual
San Miguel Olive Farm – Pristine Gold
The Olive Press – Arbequina
The Olive Press – Picual
Yorkville Olive Ranch

Silver Medal Winners

43 Ranch – Helen’s Blend
43 Ranch – Picual
Berkeley Olive Grove – Mission Classic
Berkeley Olive Grove – Mission Gold
Bramble Family Farms
Calabrese – Arbequina
Calabrese – Tuscan Blend
California Gold – Coratina
California Gold – Estate Picual
California Gold – Favalosa
California Olive Ranch – Miller’s Blend
California Olive Ranch – Reserve Arbequina
California Olive Ranch – Everyday
Capay Valley Ranches – Arbequina
Capay Valley Ranches – Arbosana
Capay Valley Ranches – Koroneiki
Chacewater – Favalosa
Chacewater – Tuscan
Ciarlo – The ‘Hood
Cobram Estate – Ascolano
Cobram Estate – CA Select
Cobram Estate – Manzanillo
Corto – Arbosana
Corto – Blend
Corto – Koroneiki
Dogtown Orchards
ENZO – Bold (Ranch 11)
ENZO – Bold (Ranch 20)
ENZO – Delicate (Ranch 11)
ENZO – Delicate (Ranch 20)
ENZO – Medium (Ranch 11)
Frantoio Grove
Grumpy Goats – Coratina
Grumpy Goats – Pendolino
Jack Rabbits – Relaxed Blend
Jordan Vineyards
Lodi Olive Oil – Ascolano
Lone Oak
Mangini Ranch – Estate Blend
Mangini Ranch – Mission
MoonShadow Grove – Ascolano
MoonShadow Grove – Manzanillo
MoonShadow Grove – Mission
Napa Valley Reserve
Olica – Koroneiki
Organic Roots – Arbequina
Organic Roots – Arbosana
Pacific Sun – Organic Mission
Pacific Sun – Tuscan
Pasolivo – Artisan Blend
Pasolivo – CA Blend
Pasolivo – Kitchen Blend
Pasolivo – Pasolivo
Pepper Oaks – Arbequina
Pepper Oaks – Block #1
Rancho Azul y Oro
Renfree Farms – Triple Play
Rio Bravo Ranch – Frantoio
Rosenthal Olive Ranch – Koroneiki
Round Pond – Italian Varietal
San Miguel Olive Farm – Nectar of the Gods
San Paulo
Scopus Vineyards
Séka Hills – Picual
Spanish Oaks Ranch – Italian Blend
Spanish Oaks Ranch – Orchard Select
The Mill at Kings River
The Mill at Kings River – Cullen Creek
The Olive Press – Arbosana
The Olive Press – Empeltre
The Olive Press – Italian Blend
Tyler Florence’s Test Kitchen
Wild Groves – Ascolano
Wild Groves – Kitchen Blend
Wild Groves – Robust
Winter Creek

2017 COOC Packaging & Judging Competition Winners

Announced March 11, 2017

Awards were presented to producers with a single oil and with a series of oils in the following categories:

(L to R) Single Winners: Wild Groves, Cobram Estate, Lacrime di San Miguel

California Classic: addresses the history and traditions of California agriculture through meaningful images and text

Single California Classic: Wild Groves
Series California Classic: ENZO Olive Oil

Creative Innovation: communicates a strong message through a design that is both interpretive and original

Single Creative Innovation: Cobram Estate
Series Creative Innovation: California Olive Ranch – Reserve Collection

Storytelling: focuses on sharing experience through a design and narrative that is compelling and evocative

Single Storytelling: Lacrime di San Miguel
Series Storytelling: 43 Ranch

(L to R) Series Winners: ENZO Olive Oil, California Olive Ranch – Reserve Collection, 43 Ranch