Competition Winners

New Report Published by UC Davis on Avocado Oil Quality and Purity

In the study the researchers found that 82% of the avocado oil tested was either rancid or adulterated. They also found that in three cases, bottles labeled as “pure” or “extra virgin” avocado oil contained nearly 100 percent soybean oil. Pretty interesting stuff given all the attention being placed on avocado oil in recent days.

Link to full paper:


We are pleased to announce the results of the 12th Annual COOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.
Categories include: Best of Show, Best Blend, Best Single Varietal, Miller’s Recognition, Gold and Silver, and Packaging Design.

Best of Show –  Lone Oak Olive Oil

Best Blend  –  Marciano Estate

Best Single Varietal –  Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Taggiasca

Gold Medal Winners

43 Ranch Olive Oil: Leccino
Al Pie del Cielo-Codorniz: Pendolino
Alta Cresta Olive Oil: Coratina
Calabrese Olive Oil: Tuscan Blend
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Medium
Fandango Olive Oil: Bueno
Frantoio Grove
Grumpy Goats Farm: Picual
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Coratina Variety
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Frantoio Variety
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Relaxed Blend
KATZ Farm: Chef’s Pick Organic
Lacrime di San Miguel: Nocellara del Belice
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Luretik: Sicilian Blend
Macala Orchards: Sicilian Blend
Marciano Estate
McDonough Family Olive Oil
Milagros Olive Advisor: Milagros
Mountain Springs Olive Ranch: Estate Grown Koroneiki
Olive Truck: Tuscan Blend
Olivewood Ranch
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Taggiasca
Swayne Family Ranch: Tuscan Blend
Tres Osos Olive Oil: Robust
Wild Groves: Ascolano
Wild Groves: Foxy
Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Ascolano
Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Taggiasca

Silver Medal Winners
43 Ranch Olive Oil: Helen’s Blend
43 Ranch Olive Oil: Picual
Al Pie del Cielo – Codorniz: Coratina
Al Pie del Cielo – Codorniz: Field Blend
Barton Olive Oil Company
Berardo Estates Olive Oil
Boccabella Farms: Arbequina
Boccabella Farms: Field Blend
Boccabella Farms: Winemakers Blend
Bozzano Olive Ranch: Ascolano
Bozzano Olive Ranch: Frantoio
Campodonico Olive Farm
Central Coast Olive Company: Mission Reserve
Ciarlo Fruit and Nut: The ‘Hood
Clif Bar Family Winery & Farm: Napa Valley Organic Olive Oil
Cobram Estate: California Select
Corto Olive Co.: Truly – Arbequina
Corto Olive Co.: Truly – Koroneiki
Dogtown Orchards
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Bold
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Delicate
Fandango Olive Oil: Cocina
F&B Foods: Royal Oil from the Queen of Trees
Grumpy Goats Farm: Coratina
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm: Nocellara del Belice
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm: Tuscan
Mangini Ranch: Picual
Marciano Estate: Massiglia
Mountain Springs Olive Ranch: Estate Grown Arbequina
Olive Truck: Hojiblanca
Organic Roots Olive Oil: Arbequina
Rio Bravo Ranch: Coratina
Rio Bravo Ranch: Picual
Rosenthal Olive Ranch: Arbosana
Rosenthal Olive Ranch: Koroneiki
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Arbequina
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Frantoio
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Picual
Wild Groves: Robust Blend

Miller’s Recognition Award Winners
Gregg Bone: Bone Crushing and Extraction Company/Kiler Ridge Olive Farm for Lone Oak Olive Oil
Greg Traynor: The Mill at 43 Ranch for Wild Poppies Olive Oil
Gianni Stefanini: Apollo Olive Mill for Marciano Estate

Packaging Design Winners
California Classic: Other Brother Company
Storytelling: Olive Truck
Creative Innovation: Fat Gold
Contemporary: Bella Oaks
Design Series: Boccabella Farms

2019 COOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Winners

Announced March 23, 2019

Best of Show

Marciano Estate: Organic

Rio Bravo Ranch: Coratina

Wild Groves: Ascolano

Miller Awards

Gianni Stefanini, Apollo Olive Oil

Jose Esquivel, Bozzano Olive Ranch

Gold Medal Winners

Boccabella Farms – Arbequina
Boccabella Farms – Lucca
Burroughs Family Orchards – Organic Family Blend
Fandango Olive Oil – Organic Fiesta
Grumpy Goats Farm – Organic Picual
Marciano Estate – Organic
Rancho Azul y Oro – Estate
Rio Bravo Ranch –  Coratina
Tres Osos Olive Oil – Organic Robust
Lacrime di San Miguel – Nocellara del Belice
Wild Groves – Ascolano

Silver Medal Winners

Boccabella Farms – Field Blend
Boccabella Farms – Winemakers Blend
Bondolio Olive Oil – Estate Blend
California Olive Ranch – Arbosana
Campodonico Olive Farm
Ciarlo Fruit and Nut – The ‘Hood
ENZO Olive Oil Company – Organic Bold
ENZO Olive Oil Company – Organic Delicate
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm –  Nocellara del Belice
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm – Tuscan
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Milagros Olive Advisor
Olivaia’s OLA – Block X Blend
Olivaia’s OLA –  Estate Sevillano
Oliveto Ranch – Tuscan
Organic Roots Olive Oil – Organic Koroneiki
Rio Bravo Ranch – Picual
Rio Bravo Ranch – Miller’s Reserve Blend
San Miguel Olive Farm – Tuscan Gold Supremo
Spanish Oaks Ranch – Spanish Reserve