Competition Winners


We are pleased to announce the results of the 12th Annual COOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.
Categories include: Best of Show, Best Blend, Best Single Varietal, Miller’s Recognition, Gold and Silver, and Packaging Design.

Best of Show –  Lone Oak Olive Oil

Best Blend  –  Marciano Estate

Best Single Varietal –  Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Taggiasca

Gold Medal Winners

43 Ranch Olive Oil: Leccino
Al Pie del Cielo-Codorniz: Pendolino
Alta Cresta Olive Oil: Coratina
Calabrese Olive Oil: Tuscan Blend
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Medium
Fandango Olive Oil: Bueno
Frantoio Grove
Grumpy Goats Farm: Picual
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Coratina Variety
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Frantoio Variety
Jackrabbit California Olive Oil: Relaxed Blend
KATZ Farm: Chef’s Pick Organic
Lacrime di San Miguel: Nocellara del Belice
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Luretik: Sicilian Blend
Macala Orchards: Sicilian Blend
Marciano Estate
McDonough Family Olive Oil
Milagros Olive Advisor: Milagros
Mountain Springs Olive Ranch: Estate Grown Koroneiki
Olive Truck: Tuscan Blend
Olivewood Ranch
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Taggiasca
Swayne Family Ranch: Tuscan Blend
Tres Osos Olive Oil: Robust
Wild Groves: Ascolano
Wild Groves: Foxy
Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Ascolano
Wild Poppies Olive Oil: Taggiasca

Silver Medal Winners
43 Ranch Olive Oil: Helen’s Blend
43 Ranch Olive Oil: Picual
Al Pie del Cielo – Codorniz: Coratina
Al Pie del Cielo – Codorniz: Field Blend
Barton Olive Oil Company
Berardo Estates Olive Oil
Boccabella Farms: Arbequina
Boccabella Farms: Field Blend
Boccabella Farms: Winemakers Blend
Bozzano Olive Ranch: Ascolano
Bozzano Olive Ranch: Frantoio
Campodonico Olive Farm
Central Coast Olive Company: Mission Reserve
Ciarlo Fruit and Nut: The ‘Hood
Clif Bar Family Winery & Farm: Napa Valley Organic Olive Oil
Cobram Estate: California Select
Corto Olive Co.: Truly – Arbequina
Corto Olive Co.: Truly – Koroneiki
Dogtown Orchards
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Bold
ENZO Olive Oil Company: Delicate
Fandango Olive Oil: Cocina
F&B Foods: Royal Oil from the Queen of Trees
Grumpy Goats Farm: Coratina
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm: Nocellara del Belice
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm: Tuscan
Mangini Ranch: Picual
Marciano Estate: Massiglia
Mountain Springs Olive Ranch: Estate Grown Arbequina
Olive Truck: Hojiblanca
Organic Roots Olive Oil: Arbequina
Rio Bravo Ranch: Coratina
Rio Bravo Ranch: Picual
Rosenthal Olive Ranch: Arbosana
Rosenthal Olive Ranch: Koroneiki
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Arbequina
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Frantoio
Seka Hills: Estate Grown Picual
Wild Groves: Robust Blend

Miller’s Recognition Award Winners
Gregg Bone: Bone Crushing and Extraction Company/Kiler Ridge Olive Farm for Lone Oak Olive Oil
Greg Traynor: The Mill at 43 Ranch for Wild Poppies Olive Oil
Gianni Stefanini: Apollo Olive Mill for Marciano Estate

Packaging Design Winners
California Classic: Other Brother Company
Storytelling: Olive Truck
Creative Innovation: Fat Gold
Contemporary: Bella Oaks
Design Series: Boccabella Farms

2019 COOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Winners

Announced March 23, 2019

Best of Show

Marciano Estate: Organic

Rio Bravo Ranch: Coratina

Wild Groves: Ascolano

Miller Awards

Gianni Stefanini, Apollo Olive Oil

Jose Esquivel, Bozzano Olive Ranch

Gold Medal Winners

Boccabella Farms – Arbequina
Boccabella Farms – Lucca
Burroughs Family Orchards – Organic Family Blend
Fandango Olive Oil – Organic Fiesta
Grumpy Goats Farm – Organic Picual
Marciano Estate – Organic
Rancho Azul y Oro – Estate
Rio Bravo Ranch –  Coratina
Tres Osos Olive Oil – Organic Robust
Lacrime di San Miguel – Nocellara del Belice
Wild Groves – Ascolano

Silver Medal Winners

Boccabella Farms – Field Blend
Boccabella Farms – Winemakers Blend
Bondolio Olive Oil – Estate Blend
California Olive Ranch – Arbosana
Campodonico Olive Farm
Ciarlo Fruit and Nut – The ‘Hood
ENZO Olive Oil Company – Organic Bold
ENZO Olive Oil Company – Organic Delicate
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm –  Nocellara del Belice
Kiler Ridge Olive Farm – Tuscan
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Milagros Olive Advisor
Olivaia’s OLA – Block X Blend
Olivaia’s OLA –  Estate Sevillano
Oliveto Ranch – Tuscan
Organic Roots Olive Oil – Organic Koroneiki
Rio Bravo Ranch – Picual
Rio Bravo Ranch – Miller’s Reserve Blend
San Miguel Olive Farm – Tuscan Gold Supremo
Spanish Oaks Ranch – Spanish Reserve[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]