John and Robbin Eudy of Dogtown Orchards

John and Robbin Eudy of Dogtown Orchards

Dogtown Olive Oil
2016 COOC Competition Winner – Best of Show (Small Producer) 

Altaville, CA


We have always been foodies and were intrigued with the thought of producing our own olive oil. After we made the decision to buy a farm for lifestyle reasons, we initially intended to just grow grapes for some of the wineries in the Murphys area, the heart of California’s gold country in Calaveras county.  When we bought the ranch in 2005, the former owner had previously planted some olive trees that were thriving which was the genesis of the idea for us. After a year of investigation and research, soil testing and learning about the farming history of the area, we came to the conclusion that olives would do very well. We decided to keep the olive oil business small and start a business of selling farm-to-table olive oil. We planted 4 acres in olives after our research by basically copying a guy that had done it successfully by purchasing cuttings from his trees, using he same field mix of Italian trees he had imported from Italy when he started in the mid 1980’s.

After the gold rush in the late 1800’s up until after WWI , the area was heavily immigrated by Italians coming to America who brought with them their cultural traditions including both grape cuttings and olive cuttings.  Our ranch is surrounded 4th- and 5th-generation Italian families. With open arms we have been accepted into the community and it now feels like we grew up here.

Working with our hands, connected to the land and making a difference every day. We don’t practice clean farming at the ranch and leave small plots of native growth here and there to help the wildlife keep their place in the neighborhood as well.  We also promote and work on a Wood Duck nesting box program with the California Waterfowl Association to help give back a little to the local wildlife that has been there long before we came along.  We also plant a bean and pea cover crop in the tree rows and we wait to till in until after the quail finish nesting.

Pleasant Hill Market (Pleasant Hill)
Windmill Farms (San Ramon)

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