Olive Oil Events

UC DAVIS Olive Growing For Oil – MARCH 15 and 16, 2019

What’s included

  • Two days of expert instruction
  • Morning pastries, lunch and beverages 
  • Booklet with presentation slides in note-taking format


  • Industry: overview from an international and California perspective
  • Siting: soil evaluation, climate, water evaluation and climate-change
  • Varieties: selection, production and quality characteristics
  • Planting: site preparation, tree sources, tree sizes, production systems and planting methods
  • Irrigation: design, frequency and duration
  • Fertilization: soil and tissue testing, application methods, organic and conventional fertilizers
  • Pests, diseases and weeds: addressing through integrated pest management
  • Pruning: methods and goals for various planting systems
  • Harvest: manual and mechanical method

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