Olive Oil Events

UC Davis Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Certificate Course 2020
June 23 at 8 AM – Jun 24 at 6 PM

The essential sensory course for the professional buyer, importer, category manager, producer, or anyone who wants to gain expertise in evaluating olive oil. Sensory, culinary, chemistry and policy experts guide you through a unique tasting and educational odyssey. This course is led by Sue Langstaff, the panel leader for the Applied Sensory olive oil sensory panel, which is accredited by the American Oil Chemistry Society and International Olive Council. She is also the owner of Applied Sensory, LLC, which provides sensory consulting to the food, wine and beer industries. Sue is a judge at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition and has been head judge at various international competitions. She is co-editor of the book Olive Oil Sensory Science (Wiley/ Blackwell, 2014) and is the creator of The Defects Wheel for Olive Oil. Sue was profiled in the bestseller Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal (W. W. Norton and Co., 2013) by Mary Roach.Sue has a M.S. from UC Davis where she studied Sensory Science, Enology and Brewing.

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