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The COOC is launching a national PR effort to educate consumers of the benefits and reasons to purchase 100% California EVOO and help them navigate the marketplace by seeking only products that bear the COOC seal. We believe consumers deserve and have the right to know what they’re getting, and this comprehensive, “Why California” campaign is designed to spread a positive message in support of local California growers, leading brands and producers who work hard to uphold the highest quality standards within the olive oil industry. Please join us in advocating for 100% California seal-certified oils. We need your passion, enthusiasm and support, so consider a donation to help fuel this effort today!

The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) is a registered nonprofit 501(c)6 trade association.

We would like to thank the following donors to date for their generous contributions to our
WHY CALIFORNIA CAMPAIGN. We value your support.

Carlos Machado and Liliana Scarafia – Agbiolab
William and Roxanne Wolf – Alphawolf Ranch
Karen and Malcolm Bond – Bondolio Olive Oil
Boundary Bend / Cobram Estate
Richard and Lianne Campodonico – Campodonico Olive Farm
Don Lambert – Capay Gold Olive Oil
Karen & Lindsay Grosswendt – Central Coast Family Farm
Chris and Pat Calvert – Ciarlo Fruit and Nut
May Chevallier – Cloud 9 Orchard
Coldani Olive Ranch – Calivirgin
Ronald Sbragia – Colina di Mela
The Cortopassi Family – Corto Olive Oil
Patricia Darragh
ENZO Olive Oil Company
Jerry & Carolyn Shaffer – Fandango Olive Oil
Kathryn Tomajan – Fat Gold
Sara Feinburg
Dr. Mary Flynn
Richard Jackson – Galaxy Scientific
Bonnie Storm & Nina Talcott – Grove 45
Pamela Marvel & Stuart Littel – Grumpy Goats Farm
Sam Bayraktar – Happy Healthy Organic / Olive Truck
Albert Katz – KATZ Farm
Audrey Burnam & Gregg Bone – Kiler Ridge Olive Farm
Craig & Susan Smith – Lone Oak Olive Oil
Kris & Alan Mangini – Mangini Ranch
John Mesrobian – The Mill at King’s River
Kit Lee – Old Chatham Ranch
Guilio Zavolta & Rachelle Bross – Olivaia’s OLA
Tom VanMeter – Olive Good Farm
Astrid Lorig – Olive Love
Janell Pekkain – Olive This Olive That
Steve & Carlo Sturken – Oliveto Ranch
Carol Firenze -The Passionate Olive
Roger & Kate Schafer – Pine Mountain Olive Farm
Robin Taylor – Prince Olive Estancia
Annelise Brabeck – Quail & The Olive
Linda Marshall – The Ranch at Birch Creek
Terry Carson – Rancho Milagro
Karen Rosenthal & Family – Rosenthal Olive Ranch
Sandy Sonnenfelt
Sam & Lynn Israelit – Spanish Oaks Ranch Olive Oil
Nancy Ash – Strictly Olive Oil
The Devico Family – Sunrise Olive Ranch
Sherry & Pete Swayne – Swayne Family Ranch
Tantillo Foods
Jamie deSieyes & Kim Null – Wild Poppies Olive Oil

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