The Coldani Family of Calivirgin

The Coldani Family of Calivirgin

Coldani FamOLIVE OIL
Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lodi, CA


At Coldani Olive Ranch we are literally a “family business.”  Our immediate family, along with our spouses and a few little ones running around, is what characterizes our family company; handling every aspect from tree to bottle.  Growing the olives, processing them into oil, bottling, packaging design, marketing, sales and shipping are just a few of the tasks we split up as a family. When we say we know each and every bottle inside and out, we mean it, and we feel the passion we have to produce a healthy quality extra virgin olive oil resonates in our finished product.


Our olives are super-high-density Arbequina and Koroneiki varieties grown in the Lodi-Delta region of California. The modern planting and machine-harvesting techniques utilized at Coldani Olive Ranch allow harvest to occur at optimum fruit maturity for flavor and freshness. Mechanical harvesting allows the olives to be picked quickly, untouched by human hands and without contact with the soil or other contaminants. These fresh olives are then milled within hours of harvest using state-of-the-art cold-temperature extraction technology to ensure a clean and unadulterated oil.

All of our extra virgin olive oil is estate grown; we don’t use any pesticides and our product is organically and sustainably produced from our family-owned-and-operated farm.

As a result, the Calivirgin unfiltered blend is produced from Arbequina and Koroneiki olives, creating a fresh, aromatic, fruity flavor that is perfect for dipping but mild enough to use as a trans-fat free culinary staple in your kitchen.

Gina Sans, her husband Scott Sans and Mike and Julie Coldani handle most of the day-to-day activities. Since both couples have children under the age of four, the perfect day would start with waking up by our own power and not having to deal with potty training, feeding or 3 am screaming.  Next would be a great home-brewed cup of coffee instead of settling for Starbucks.  Our family all has our own tasks and roles in the company, but Tuesday mornings we always reserve for our weekly family meeting.  It is usually an entertaining meeting and nice to get everyone together.   We feel like we bottle up oil nearly everyday, but it can actually be a good time.  We create an assembly line of family members and often talk about current events or our favorite television shows as we work.  A great ending to the day would be a large dinner together.  We try to have a family dinner at least once a month.  Whether it is a home-cooked meal or dinner out to support a restaurant who uses our bulk food service olive oil; we are self proclaimed foodies, and enjoy trying new foods/recipes.  Working with your family can have its challenges, but at the end of the day, we feel very blessed to be able to work together, creating an amazing and healthy product.

WHERE TO FIND OUR OIL, Williams Sonoma, We Olive and Nugget Markets

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