Tips for Cooking & Storage

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Kitchen

Meet Chef Jimmy Pardini of The Annex Kitchen in Fresno, California, and learn about the versatility of California extra virgin olive oil. Listen as he explains why he prefers California extra virgin olive oil and how he likes to use it in his kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Heat Your Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a great substitute for butter and other cooking fats when cooking and baking. Its use provides a depth of flavor and healthy antioxidants and monounsaturated fat, benefits which are still preserved when heating. You may substitute extra virgin olive oil in just about any application, including sautéing and frying. Extra virgin grade has the highest smoke point of olive oil at about 400° Fahrenheit.

Fresher is Better

Make sure the label says extra virgin olive oil, and displays a harvest or milling date in addition to the best use date. Olive oil is best used within 12-18 months of the harvest date. Once opened, an olive oil is best used within 6 months, so make sure the oil is purchased well in advance of the best-by date.

Storage Tips

Store extra virgin olive oil away from light, air and heat. Use it up within 6 months once it is open. Rancidity happens when an oil has been exposed to heat or light or is simply old, so following these storage tips will help to slow this natural process.

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