California Olive Oil Council Educational Videos

Click below to watch each video to learn more about the COOC, the olive oil industry in California, how extra virgin olive oil is produced, and get great new ideas and tips to choose an extra virgin olive oil and use it at home in your kitchen.

Olive Oil Production in California

Learn about the history of the olive oil industry in California and take a tour of olive groves in California. Follow the olives from harvesting to milling and learn about the attention and care which goes into producing fresh, high quality California extra virgin olive oil.

Sensory Evaluation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Understand what it means to be considered “extra virgin” and hear members of the COOC Taste Panel describe the best technique for tasting and evaluating extra virgin olive oil.

Shopping for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Simplify the process of shopping for extra virgin olive oil! Learn how to determine an oil’s freshness and consider factors related to an oil’s quality, including how an oil is stored and shopping only for oils with the COOC Seal of Certification.

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Kitchen

Meet Chef Jimmy Pardini of The Annex Kitchen in Fresno, California, and learn about the versatility of California extra virgin olive oil. Listen as he explains why he prefers California extra virgin olive oil and how he likes to use it in his kitchen.